hey, i like your art a lot, but i was wondering what kind of pencils and paint you use? btw sorry for my bad english.. xx

Thank you! Let’s see, for the illustrations I am mainly using Prismacolor colored pencils, the small paintings are mixes of gouache and ink, and the big paintings are oil and acrylic. As for the sketchbook stuff, it’s totally free game – whatever happens to be sitting around (I especially love run of the mill Sharpies).

Something I have learned along the way is that the fancy, expensive brands are not always the best. I often find myself using craft brushes over some of my sables, and cheap paints with flashy colors for making my paintings pop over some of the more refined brands.

It’s taken me a long time to save up for the nice stuff, and don’t let not having the “latest and greatest” stop you. I was working with the Crayola colored pencils before Prismacolors. Some of the markers I am using date back to one of those goofy artist sets you get when you’re ten years old. Own it!

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