“We Are All in This Together” Exhibition Opening

25of25000deer#3My entire series, “25 of 25,000 Deer,” will be shown at the opening of “We Are All in This Together” on Thursday at Modern VideoFilm in Santa Monica, and I am absolutely thrilled. I just got a sneak peek of the other artists’ work today, and the show is going to be a knock-out. Lidia Shaddow has done an incredible job with this exhibition.

“We Are All in This Together” runs from October 10th – January 14th. The exhibition is held in a private gallery, and may be toured either by appointment, or during two upcoming gallery tours  (dates are still TBA).

“25 of 25,000 Deer (#3/5)”

I have included my artist statement for the seres below:

“The state of Wisconsin, concerned that the fear of transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease [possibly a cause of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease in humans] could cripple the state’s one-billion dollar-per-year deer hunting industry, is in the process of killing 25,000 deer (a desperate solution that sickens everybody involved) in an infected area in hopes of controlling the CWD epidemic there.” – Jared Diamond, Collapse (2005).

This series of drawings is inspired by the above study regarding the outbreak of Chronic Wasting Disease (a serious deer and elk epidemic) in Jared Diamond’s seminal book on societal and environmental crisis, Collapse (2005). My intent here is simply to put a visual to the sheer magnitude of deer that were intended to be killed due to this outbreak in Wisconsin alone.

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