New Studio, New Shows, the LAAC, and Upcoming Exhibitions

Photo taken during a recent studio visit by Eric Minh Swenson.

Photo taken during a recent studio visit by Eric Minh Swenson.


My studio mate’s dog, Lucky, hanging out in the gallery as it was getting prepped for our next show.

First of all, I am thrilled to announce that I am now happily settled into my new studio out in Ontario, California. I have a gorgeous live-work loft that can only be described as an artist’s dream. Complete with wooden floors and tall ceilings, it’s also connected to a gallery that features an art exhibition every other month for the local art walk. Plus, it’s got a decent view of the mountains, which is a major plus in my book. As someone who has had quite the collection of studios over the years, I have to say that this one absolutely takes the cake on all fronts.


I enjoyed a packed opening of “MAS 8,” hosted at the San Diego Art Institute in February.

I have a handful of exhibitions that I’ve participated in since the beginning of the year, including the killer show, “MAS 8,” which took the San Diego community by storm. Artra Curatorial and the Art Institute did an incredible job with the event, and the opening got some great coverage in the press. I also participated in the “Traces of Gesture” show at the Torrance Art Museum, curated by Susan Lizotte, as well as the “From Her: 2015” show at the Pico House Gallery in Los Angeles (which will be on display until March 22nd).


Opening night of my “Rivals in the Ring” solo show back in November. (Photo taken by Roxy Adlesh)


First time meeting with Gerald Washington at the “Rivals in the Ring” opening.

I’m also happy to report that my solo show, “Rivals in the Ring” that I had back in November at the Los Angeles Athletic Club was not only a huge success, but it also connected me with undefeated heavyweight boxer Gerald Washington (featured on the right). I have to thank my curator Teale Hatheway and the LAAC staff for the opportunity that brought Gerald and I together, because he’s since agreed to be my model for a series of drawings I’ve been developing, and I’ve even gotten the chance to visit him during his training sessions at his gym out in Burbank. He’s been an an absolute inspiration to work with.


An in-progress shot of “Studies of a Boxer.”

Shortly after meeting with Gerald, I was invited to participate in the “Nude Survey One” exhibition, opening at the Jamie Brooks Fine Art Gallery in Costa Mesa in April. Curated by Los Angeles art scene photographer Eric Minh Swenson, this exhibition has a fantastic list of artists involved, and I am thrilled to be included among them. One of my larger drawings of Gerald (clipped to my drawing board on the left) will be featured there, and a catalog of the show will be available at the opening.

“Nude Survey One” opens on April 3rd from 6pm-11pm at the Jamie Brooks Fine Art Gallery in Costa Mesa, and will be on view for the month of April. More info can be found here [link].

In addition, I will also be participating in the opening of the “The Telephone Game,” a collaborative artist project opening at the Prohibition Gallery organized by Essi Zimm in Culver City in April

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