Recent Feature on “Art and Dinner in Los Angeles”

Last week, I had a fantastic studio visit with Mike Reynolds. Apart from being an immensely talented artist, Mike also runs a blog called “Art and Dinner in Los Angeles,” which features artists he meets up with in and around Los Angeles, paired with some insight into their work.

Here is an excerpt from his post about our visit:


“The chief importance of Bravin’s works appears to be the aestheticization of violence as an ‘ethical reference point’ (Sontag) — as static reminders of the results of damaging sociopolitical forces, and what beauty there is to behold whilst in such tumult.”

Please follow the link below to read more.

For more on Mike Reynolds: [click here]

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Giving Thanks

IMG_0293I am so overwhelmingly thankful this year for my wonderfully supportive family, dear friends, and loved ones. This year has taken me on a remarkable journey, ripe with opportunities to push forward in my art career, providing me with four fabulous exhibitions and two visionary authors who hired me as their illustrator for their children’s books. Thank you so much to the artists, curators, and gallery owners (all of whom have become incredible friends) who have believed in my work, and have been instrumental to my success both in Los Angeles and abroad.

A big thank you out to the universe, and to all of those who have touched my life this year. I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving, today, surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.

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Opening for “MAS ATTACK 2” at the Torrance Art Museum

Installing "Ringside" at the Torrance Art Museum (TAM).

Installing “Ringside” at the Torrance Art Museum (TAM).

I just finished installing one of my boxer paintings at the Torrance Art Museum (TAM) in preparation for the opening of “MAS ATTACK 2” – an incredible group show presented by ARTRA Curatorial. I was able to see a number of the other artists installing their work, and can tell you that this show is going to be fabulous. It’s an honor to be exhibiting with some of these artists, and especially exciting to be exhibiting in a museum for the first time.

“MAS ATTACK 2” opens this Saturday, October 26th at the Torrance Art Museum (TAM) from 6pm-10pm.

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“We Are All in This Together” Exhibition Opening

25of25000deer#3My entire series, “25 of 25,000 Deer,” will be shown at the opening of “We Are All in This Together” on Thursday at Modern VideoFilm in Santa Monica, and I am absolutely thrilled. I just got a sneak peek of the other artists’ work today, and the show is going to be a knock-out. Lidia Shaddow has done an incredible job with this exhibition.

“We Are All in This Together” runs from October 10th – January 14th. The exhibition is held in a private gallery, and may be toured either by appointment, or during two upcoming gallery tours  (dates are still TBA).

“25 of 25,000 Deer (#3/5)”

I have included my artist statement for the seres below:

“The state of Wisconsin, concerned that the fear of transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease [possibly a cause of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease in humans] could cripple the state’s one-billion dollar-per-year deer hunting industry, is in the process of killing 25,000 deer (a desperate solution that sickens everybody involved) in an infected area in hopes of controlling the CWD epidemic there.” – Jared Diamond, Collapse (2005).

This series of drawings is inspired by the above study regarding the outbreak of Chronic Wasting Disease (a serious deer and elk epidemic) in Jared Diamond’s seminal book on societal and environmental crisis, Collapse (2005). My intent here is simply to put a visual to the sheer magnitude of deer that were intended to be killed due to this outbreak in Wisconsin alone.

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Upcoming Shows in Los Angeles


“25 of 25,000 Deer (#1/5),” which will be one of my pieces shown at Modern VideoFilm.

Thrilled to announce that I’m making my way back to Los Angeles on Monday to participate in two group shows with some incredible artists. The first, “We Are All in This Together,” organized by Lidia Shaddow at Modern VideoFilm (opening on 10/10 [open until 01/14]), and the second, “MAS ATTACK 2”, presented by Artra Curatorial at TAM Torrance Art Museum (opening 10/26).

Event info for the openings:
We Are All in This Together

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Children’s Book Illustration

IMG_6250I have recently been working as an illustrator for the very talented Alexandra Hofmeister-Daly for two of her children’s books. The first one is a story about a less-than-typical leprechaun in Ireland, and the second is  a charming tale about an adventurous young peacock named Pavo who struggles to understand the aging process that his grandfather, Avus, is going through.

IMG_7523They are both wonderful and imaginative stories, and I am thrilled to be working on them. I just recently competed the character designs, and am now moving on to the actual illustrations for the books. Children’s book illustration acts as a fabulous (paid) break from my regular studio practice, and I have a blast doing it.

Speaking of children’s books, the first book I illustrated, “Bobby the Donkey,” is now available on Amazon.

I just got my copy in the mail the other day, and being able to finally hold the book you illustrated three years ago is a very cool feeling. I have learned so much about illustration since I started working on Bobby the Donkey, and I can’t wait to be able to flip through the books I’m working on currently.

A big thank you to Cie Reynolds for having enough faith to bring me on to this project, and to Ali Daly for keeping me busy making drawings to go along with her fabulous writing.

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Returning to San Francisco

ImageFinishing up some last-minute drawings before I embark on my solo road trip back up north tomorrow. I’ll be returning to San Francisco with two shows in Los Angeles under my belt, two more on the horizon, a bunch of drawings, and a host of new friendships – not bad for a couple of weeks! Thank you all for the great company, and I’ll catch you on the flip side

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Artist Books Show

artistbookDropped off two of my artist books, “Chautauqua Dogs” and “Coffee Talk” at Ooga Booga for the “Artist Books & Cookies” show, hosted by ForYourArt, this Sunday in Los Angeles, and attended a very successful opening of “Overload,” a show at the GARBOSHIAN GALLERY in Beverly Hills yesterday. Los Angeles is keeping me busy!

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New Work Ahead


A view from my drafting table with notes galore. Residency and grant applications always force me to re-evaluate and re-clarify who I am and where I am going as an artist. It’s been awhile, but I am glad to have spent the entire day doing this.

There’s a big wave of new work stewing in these notes.

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Upcoming Gallery Show

VictoryAfterTheFight2013detailI am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to participate in the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERY’s upcoming show, “Overload”, opening on June 27th – August 2nd in Beverly Hills, CA. It is an honor and a privilege to be showing with so many talented artists.

THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013, 7 – 9 pm
EVENT INFO: [click here]

Here is a detail shot of one of my two pieces that will be featured in the show.

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