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New Work Ahead

A view from my drafting table with notes galore. Residency and grant applications always force me to re-evaluate and re-clarify who I am and where I am going as an artist. It’s been awhile, but I am glad to have … Continue reading

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SAND. SUN. TESTOSTERONE. (NO PARTICULAR ORDER) My piece promoting “MANA,” a “documentary film on southern California artists who share the skill and affinity of surfing and how their love of, and interactions with the dynamics of the ocean inform their … Continue reading

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Quick warm-up sketch done at “Happy Doughnut” – one of the only coffee shops open today. I’ll be spending the rest of the day working in the studio on a piece for an upcoming show. A big thank you to … Continue reading

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Took a break from my regular studio work for some supplementary learning. I recently subscribed to the “New Masters Academy,” which is basically an online database of art lectures and classes on technique, color theory, and everything in between. I … Continue reading

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Spent the day setting up the San Francisco studio. This is studio cat 2.0 (Gambit) voicing his disapproval at the fact that I moved his hoard of bottle caps (toys) out from under my drafting table.

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It’s strange how everything seems to be lining up in these past few weeks – my sketch blog exploded and my work has been featured on two major art sites, I have been invited to participate in two THREE shows, and … Continue reading

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